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Paul McLane thinks his life is finally scrutinized, analyzed, and categorized—the least that should be expected of an aspiring psychology student. But the unearthly lights in the forest behind his house make this fall’s college plans a distant concern. Should he involve his grandmother? Are they in danger?


As his preoccupation with the phenomenon grows, Paul discovers his experience isn’t unique. Others have witnessed the mysterious lights, and disturbingly, the death of his mother and grandfather appear to be connected to them in some way. But the sudden appearance of a stranger from across the creek sets a different trajectory for the young man’s quest. The neighbor’s ideas about science, philosophy, and reality itself are quite intriguing. However, as Paul’s worldview is evolving, God is positioning his own players for a spiritual confrontation.


Paul’s obsession with knowing the truth leads him along intersecting roads of science, Celtic folklore, New Age mysticism, and Christian apologetics. He gives in to the consuming urge that demands answers at any cost, and becomes a wounded fugitive with no place to run except to Nathan Monroe. Only God’s mercy and providence, set in motion by the prayers of His faithful, are able to shine spiritual light over the truth of Paul’s past and the hope for his future.



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