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Objectives and intended audience…


In teaching general education science courses over the years, it is apparent that scientific concepts are fundamental in all worldviews. A solid Christian worldview relies heavily on a clear understanding of several principles related to science. Often, many of these are misunderstood or ignored by otherwise well-educated Christians.


My primary purpose in writing this book was to illustrate and reinforce these concepts for my students through an engaging storyline. The plot integrates several elements of the Christian worldview with broad scientific ideas, and shows their practical applications in the day-to-day spiritual walk. Although the story centers on young adult characters, readers from teen through adult will find it relevant and entertaining.


Another purpose is to use the book in conjunction with reading groups or individuals who would like to delve deeper into these worldview concepts presented in the story. The list of resources below is constantly being updated and expanded, so check back often. Feel free to copy and use these for educational purposes*.




Black and White in a Gray World: Whatever Happened to Truth?...

TRUTH resources.DOCTRUTH resources.PDF


If I Have Science, Do I Still Need God?

(These resources are still a work in progress. Feel free to use them in draft form, but keep checking back for updated drafts)

SCIENCE resources. DOCSCIENCE resources.PDF


Coming soon…


Is New Age Really New?


What Can Science Tell Us About Being Human?


What Will God Do When the Martians Land?


Is It Natural to Believe in the Supernatural?


Is Seeing Believing, Or Is Believing Seeing?


*When using these resources, please cite them and use them in the context of their intended purposes.